Friday, April 04, 2014

Simple Joys in Summer

You know summer has come when you sit or lay still inside your house and sweat forms on your forehead, nape, upper part of your lip, and yes, in those areas that need more than ever extra protection from unpleasant odors. And if you're a parent of growing children, you know summer is here when you can sleep in a little bit, either because you don't need to prepare the kids for school, drop them off, or traffic has eased up a bit going to work (or has it?). 

My youngest had her preschool graduation last April first. The next day, I found myself on a grand vacation of my life! I am out of work and the school is out, which leaves me with less of the daily routine chores, more flexibility with how I use my time, and the privilege to be with my two fast-growing children practically 24/7. So this summer is extra special, a first of its kind in my humble life. 

Today, I count my blessings and feel grateful for the many favors as I watch Garrett and Gab enjoy themselves in the pool, free to explore, learn, and just have fun. I enjoy the breeze as I lounge by the pool side. I felt the urge to type up my thoughts so here I am sharing with you my bit of heaven on earth. The hubby is hard at work while we chill. At the end of the day, his toil is rewarded knowing he's able to provide for his family. 

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