Monday, April 28, 2014

My New Bestie

I spent the last week mostly cleaning the house including the yard. I would start at 7 am when the sun had already made its hot presence strongly felt on this side of the earth. I would put on sunblock with SPF100 before venturing out to the street to do my daily sweeping of the front yard. In a few minutes, I would be perspiring heavily, my eyes squinting as the sunblock disintegrated and streamed down my face with my sweat. Sweeping our yard, in and out of the house fence, took about a half hour. I would cool down once I was inside the fence and watering the plants and the entire patch of land at the east corner of the house. That was my favorite part. I know it's inconsequential but could I just mention that I was starting to develop a callus on my finger? But the upside to all the cleaning, sweeping, mopping that I did was that I easily lost a kilo. Hmm, so maybe I should carry on.

While I was dead serious at killing time productively while my kids were away (with Yaya) on vacation, I made a trip to Ace Hardware to get cleaning aids. You tend to ignore the little things and only take notice when you're the one getting dirty and sweaty. So this was how I met and fell in love with my new bestie.

I thank the genius who fabricated this awesome microfiber mop. In just a few sweeps, I finally made the hubby happy. I removed with minimum effort the "agiw" hanging from the bedroom ceiling, that swayed with the air from the aircon vents. Oh, and that feeling of relief, not having to push heavy furniture because this amazing thing easily reaches nooks and crannies, I loved it! I am so shallow, yes. But, hey, when cleaning has become your daily chore, no matter what day it is (even on holidays), you'd dig me. This is a must-have cleaning aid. And one that would be worth your little investment. It costs 670 pesos. Your trusted "walis tambo" now easily fetches 200 pesos, and the typical mop with strands that get tangled costs about 400 pesos if you're buying a set with the handle and the rag. Needless to say, I know, that nothing is cheap nowadays. So make that investment now, and you'd not regret it.

I'm not an advertiser. I'm just a happy stay-at-home mom that likes to clean the house and wants to reach out in small ways to all the moms and others who could relate.

I write when I have time. It so happens that I have loads of that now while I wait for my children finish their Bible summer camp and music ministry workshop today until Friday. So brace yourself, dear readers, for more inconsequential musings. I hope your week has started out well. Happy musings!

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