Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Pleasure that Comes Cheap and Quick

I will admit to a pleasure that comes cheap and quick, as cheap as 20 pesos. See the picture below. That's my sister. She's tried it once, following my lead. Not sure if she liked it though.

This one below is my son. Unlike my sister, this happened without any influence from me. I came from the ladies' room and found him as such, seated, giggling, obviously enjoying himself. He got his sister to lend him 20 pesos so he could get a 6-minute massage.

Garrett checking out the massage chair. And those are my big thighs. :-)
This spot is so strategically located at the mall entrance from the car park. Yesterday, it greeted me again as I went in, and pulled me to it before I went out.

Here are some reasons why I am magnetized to this massage chair:
  1. I said it already, I know, but it’s the main consideration, so let me say it again. It comes at very affordable prices, flexible to suit my budget and free time: 20 bucks for 6 minutes, 50 for 15 minutes and 100 for half an hour.
  2. It’s effective. The machine kneads the back muscles and parts of the neck, head, and hips as well.
  3. No tips required.
  4. No hassle of changing clothes.
  5. Accessible within mall hours.
  6. You get consistent quality of massage, no disappointments or frustrations in the end. 
It comes with its downsides though, but do not significantly erode the upsides as I see it.
  1. You have bright lights above your head, making the experience not that relaxing.
  2. You must be ready to take the spotlight. Because this business is not yet that “mainstream,” people passing by would glance or stare at you, curious and probably thinking of trying it out themselves. If you go to a community mall, like the one I go to (SM Taytay), the chance of being seen by people you know is not remote, such as co-parents from your children’s schools.
  3. And then there’s the issue of whether the chairs are clean, so it’s better if you’re wearing jeans/pants to minimize skin contact.
  4. For someone who’s into massage as a de-stresser, the services of a trained masseuse in a reputable/decent spa or massage center are still better.
I thought I’d share these thoughts with you and get you to think about yourself, to pamper yourself because you deserve it! I would be happy to hear your thoughts, share them in comments, please. :-)
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