Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Conversations with Garrett

Do you also at times find yourselves at a loss for words during casual exchanges with kids? I do. Such witty retorts can catch us off guard, dumbfounded at insights we can pick up from young minds.   

Here are a couple of incidents with my 10-year-old son:

Scene 1: In the car going home from school
Me: What did you have for snacks?
G: Cheese pimiento sandwich and French toast
Me: I want to also prepare French toast but I don’t know how.
G: You can check the carton of Alaska condensed milk, the recipe is there.
Thought bubble: He’s observant like that!

Scene 2: At a barber shop while waiting for his turn
G: What can I do?
Me: Read.
G: (shaking his head, frustrated there weren’t books and magazines like before) But there’s nothing to read. I should have taken the CRV manual with me.
Thought bubble: He’s a voracious reader like that!

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