Monday, August 12, 2013

Intertwined by Fate

Before leaving for work, Let (my husband) asked me what date it is today. And like in the past years since 2001 (the year we got married), I fell into the trap. I paused to think and told him the date, not realizing why he asked in the first place. “Friday was August 9 so that makes today August 12,” I unwittingly replied. He nodded his head and winked. It hit me as before, it’s August 12! It was the most important date for us until 2001.

It was on the night of August 12 in 1996 at the soccer field in UP Los Banos that we confirmed our feelings for each other. Our lives have since been intertwined. We went steady for five years before we settled to start a family. Most of the time we were apart as he was working in Cagayan Valley. And so August 12 was a big day for us during those five years, as he would (if he could) drive 14 hours to Laguna just to celebrate our anniversary on the date itself. And if he could not, he would, without fail, arrange with a friend to buy and deliver me flowers.

Our common friends would happily attest to how crazy I was over Let. Now, I kind of wonder why. Really, it was like I was living out the song "Got to Believe in Magic." Let was not a looker. He looked generally okay, fair-skinned. Oh, but he was slim then! There was something about him – an aura that was ironically humble (playing the underdog) yet hinting of bravado and confidence. And I was an easy prey to his distinct kind of charm.

It has been 17 long years now. We bicker, argue, exchange hurting words sometimes. But our love is deeply rooted to how we began. No one forced us to be together. No one, but fate, I guess. It all came so naturally for us. There was not even a courtship to speak about. We met, we fell in love, and we remain.

How could I have forgotten? August is truly special! :-)

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