Monday, August 11, 2014

Walk like no one is watching

The story of my morning is in this photo. These shoes finally got dirty. These were a gift from the hubby, bought during our 10th wedding anniversary date. That was  three years ago. They've been washed once and they look like they need another rinse soon. These shoes have covered the trails I've walked the past year. They've skipped and hopped when I did a little dance on the road.

I pace my walking to the beat of the music plugged to my ears. I sway my hips a bit, sing along, snap my fingers, or tap my hands rhythmically, alternately on my thighs as I walk my kind of walk when I'm sure the road is deserted and no one is watching. It makes for a nice, upbeat start to the day. These shoes have been my sole witness (methinks). :-)

Hope we all have a good week ahead. May the good weather continue and traffic be more tolerable. Happy thoughts, happy vibes. 

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