Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Love

As I gaze out the small window at the clouds, I think about my little girl back home, imagining how her eyes would light up and how she'd instinctively kiss and hug me when she makes her first overseas trip and sees the clouds up close herself. Once Gabee asked where Jesus lives, where heaven is, and if heaven is beyond the clouds. She said she wants to see Jesus, to go to where He lives. Her questions about heaven came after she witnessed a burial of a relative. Since then she's been very curious, and would press for an answer as to where Jesus really is. In our last conversation about this topic, I think I have convinced her that Jesus is in heaven but that He also lives in her heart if she’s good. I chide her that Jesus leaves her heart when she doesn’t listen. This little trick works to make her behave. Kids today are very discerning and smart. And mothers need to be on top of their element, walk the talk as they say. And they need to be prepared to say that they don’t have all the answers, but that they’d get back to the curious little ones after they’ve done their research! I'm so guilty. Haha! It’s how it is now with all the information and images surrounding our children—they have more questions to ask.

Thinking about Gabee while on a flight en route to Jakarta – for work – on this special day brought me to tears, because I miss her and her Kuya, and because I am so much blessed that I’ve them both to think of, to call my own.

Like most moms, I am happiest when I see my children happy. What would a mother not do for the love of her child? I salute mothers for their sacrifices. A mother's love is beyond measure. There's no connection as strong, as deep and as innocent as that between a mother and a child. I pray those separated by pride or unfortunate circumstances heal old wounds and allow love to take its natural course; for I believe that when each one is secure of his or her mother's love, we stand a better chance for a better world.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

To Let

Woke up thankful to feel some relief from a sinusitis headache. Today I celebrate with my family our 12th wedding anniversary. It's a special day minus the pomp. We're halfway now to our silver year. I have stopped asking for flowers after our 10th when he obliged and had a huge arrangement delivered to my office. I gave up requesting for jewelries as well, as I now get why he wouldn't budge on this issue. :)

We affirm our love in the most simple and basic ways, a gaze, a touch. We often find ourselves in each other's company comfortable in peaceful silence, not needing to find words to say. Difficult times at work and everyday events are not shared in detail. It's enough that we know we have each other. No matter what, we always see the silver lining. It's this day in 2001 that we can always look back to. We have come through trials related to health. With two beautiful children and a solid respect for and trust in each other, the years ahead are exciting as we do not know what life can throw our way, but the constancy of our love gives great comfort.