Sunday, May 05, 2013

To Let

Woke up thankful to feel some relief from a sinusitis headache. Today I celebrate with my family our 12th wedding anniversary. It's a special day minus the pomp. We're halfway now to our silver year. I have stopped asking for flowers after our 10th when he obliged and had a huge arrangement delivered to my office. I gave up requesting for jewelries as well, as I now get why he wouldn't budge on this issue. :)

We affirm our love in the most simple and basic ways, a gaze, a touch. We often find ourselves in each other's company comfortable in peaceful silence, not needing to find words to say. Difficult times at work and everyday events are not shared in detail. It's enough that we know we have each other. No matter what, we always see the silver lining. It's this day in 2001 that we can always look back to. We have come through trials related to health. With two beautiful children and a solid respect for and trust in each other, the years ahead are exciting as we do not know what life can throw our way, but the constancy of our love gives great comfort.
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