Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Mind Museum Experience (PART 2)

The bookworm in his happy place - museum. He's at home here more than at any place except of course the bookstore. :-)

Here’s part two of my post about the Mind Museum. As I said in the first part, this one’s about what’s inside the museum as seen and narrated by Garrett.

Garrett took his mini review one notch up by integrating his recent lesson in school about different kinds of poems. Although he sold me away at the outset, revealing that I nagged him to write about the trip, I thought it was a great blog post! He shared his experience his own way, stamping his ownership on the piece – all Garrett’s.

Oh, you must understand how a mom would always cheer her child’s little successes. Hooray for my little man, already a poet/writer/blogger!

Garrett is a big fan of museums. Hear and feel him as he tells you about his awesome Mind Museum experience.

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