Friday, August 30, 2013

Shopping for Value

It was almost serendipitous that I found myself inside Japan Home last week. I am not normally enticed by stores selling all items at P100 or so-and-so insanely cheap prices. I’d always equate quality with higher prices, and would not mind spending a bit or a lot more than spending less and ending up using the items a few times and regretting the purchase.

An occasional trip to Divisoria is always a welcome adrenaline rush as there are really good bargains that I am able to get there like the classic Kentucky white sando for my kids, face and kitchen towels (P120-220 pesos per packs of 12), cartoon character pajamas (P200/set for all kids’ sizes), and party décor and favors. The last time I went was last June to buy items for Gabee’s birthday party (piñata, invites, party hats, balloons, give-aways). My 1,000 pesos was able to buy two sets of every item, one for Gabee and the other for my niece who was also going to celebrate her birthday. I also bought terno sleepwear for Gabee at only P75 per set. Yun lang, the colors faded after a few washings, and needed some stitching of ripped seams after being used a few times. So, I thought I’d rather again buy from Robinsons dept store which offers a set of three shirts at less than P300. The price is a lot higher, but, from experience, the shirts could be worn for around 1-1.5  years and, after being outgrown, are still in good enough condition to pass on. SM offers best-buy sets a little cheaper but  the ones at Robinsons are of better quality.

Back to my story about Japan Home. I was so thrilled with my purchases last week that I came back yesterday. This time, I really planned the trip, and again could not seem to get enough. Although after each of my two visits, I had to review my tape receipt as I would be surprised that I had to pay almost P2,000 each time. All items sell for either P66 or P88. I mostly bought kitchen items since I now spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I envy the array of kitchen gadgets used by Rachael Ray of Food Network. I didn't have the small but very useful kitchen gadgets, which I was so thrilled to find at Japan Home, like measuring spoons, spatula for baking (I now can bake, yay!!! Akalain mo, madali lang pala?), orange squeezer, fried egg mold, rubber tongs, etc.

The store is small, and items are crammed on the racks, but they have items that I have found only there, like the heart-shaped ice molder (which was out of stock when I came back), 'ceramic' teapot with stainless strainer, wash bag for delicate clothes, a portable clothes line with hooks at both ends, etc.

I am so pleased with the treasures I found at this little store. I took pictures with the intention of sharing them here, to share the shopping fun I had, and vouch that these items are worth your P66 or P88. I have posted some in my fb account and got a few positive comments. One very intelligent (if I may qualify that as it presupposes that his intelligence influences his buying behavior/product preference) fb friend swore about the nice and durable socks selling for P88 for 3 pairs! Another smart and very pretty fb friend shared that she could spend hours in that store. 

Banana bunch sling
Tray for eggs that won't all fit in the refrigerator egg tray

Measuring spoons, whisk, spatula and egg mold.

Nice pot holders

I am using this glass container for storing butter.
Clear glass jar with tight cover, perfect for oats container.
Sturdy chopping board with a hook, and stainless strainer.
I am not getting anything for this advertisement. Just say that I am amused, and want to spread some good vibes. Japan, as far I know, is a good trading partner of the Philippines. We export to them, so it might not hurt to support their products as well. I haven’t looked into the economics of how the items can be exported here and sold at such low prices. I am perplexed, but prefer to take it as it is, and just be a contented shopper.

I love my home more with these items:

A stable, non-slip tray with a dainty floral design serves me well while I write this and take my coffee and a little snack.

These little cuties (soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and toiletries tray) make for a nicer bath -- real value for money!

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