Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hello, September

Praying for good weather in September. This is the top of the hill where my mother and I have been hiking. 

What do you have in store for us? We pray you will not bring us typhoons and calamities like August did.  You’ve had a good start last Sunday, please keep it that way. Oh, you startled us with thunderstorms and heavy rains last night, but they were quick and just enough to let us enjoy the cool night.

I’d like to count your days with positive vibes even as we remember the victims of the martial law proclamation and the 9/11 attacks. Please let the Christmas cheers begin. J

It’s been two months now since I have temporarily quit work. My friends ask me if I don’t miss it. My honest answer is that I don’t, not yet at least. Time flies, and maybe I’ve had no chance yet to feel restless. It’s been a happy daily routine of attending to my children’s needs and managing the household. I have more time to count my blessings and smell the flowers so to speak. My heart swells with happiness seeing Garrett and Gabee enjoying the time I spend with them, hearing their stories after school, watching them together. Gabee’s big smile as she runs to me when I pick her up from school is enough to make my day, and so does Garrett’s kiss when I drop him off to school each morning. I am thankful to my husband for making all these possible.

My leave from work also affords me more time with my 66-year-old mother. She is the true retiree. She says she wants to keep healthy so she’d live past her 80th. She’s inspired by my grandmother who turns 90 this month. Nanay and I started our morning brisk walking date yesterday, and agreed to do it daily. J

Everything’s looking good leading up to Christmas. I become closer to being 40 on the 16th. Got nothing to wish for, but everything to be thankful for. #TYL

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