Monday, September 16, 2013

38 Today

Today is exactly two years before my debut. And I feel great and excited. This excitement to keep on adding years to my age would end when I hit my 40th. I really think 40 is a nice number. A woman of 40, two kids, size 4. :-) 

I went out to buy additional ingredients for the small dinner I am preparing later. I am having my 2pm coffee and musing - about my life, about the current hullabaloo over PDAF, about the crisis in Zamboanga, and then about Henry Sy. I think Sy is brilliant at making money and sustaining and expanding his riches. These ubiquitous SM supermalls (I am in one right now) have not only been raking in money but had largely influenced way of life for many. It's gone beyond the monopolistic way of Meralco and PLDT. It sucks a regular big portion of a household's income, like mine. 

I come here to do my grocery, shop for clothes, shoes and household items, buy school supplies, have my pedicure, get my shoes fixed, dine, watch movies... It's so convenient! 

I came today to go to the supermarket but the department store beckons, so I find myself inside without a plan on what I need or want to buy. I do not need a new pair of shoes or another bag. A pretty blouse would be nice, I thought. I go around the small kitchen section and buy two glass salad/pasta bowls, a branded grater, and a pepper mill. Yup, my desires have changed.   

I am 38, and I have changed a bit, for my family. :-) And I feel I look better than when I was 28! Haha! 

Today is a happy day. Looking forward to more me-time, and more inconsequential musings. Happy birthday, Princess! 

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