Monday, September 30, 2013

Conversations with Gabee (1) - "Coke Girl"

Scene: Saturday. Cess approaches the dining table for lunch, with Gab already seated, ready to eat.

Cess: Yaya, pakibili mo nga ako ng  --
(Yaya, could you please buy me --)

Gab (butts in): Coke! Yaya, bili mo raw si Mommy ng Coke.
(Yaya, Mom is asking you to buy her Coke.)

Cess (laughs, feels guilty): Ikaw ha!
(Oh, you!)

Gab: Coke girl ka na, Mommy!
(You’re now a Coke girl, Mommy!)

Kuya (Garrett) enters.

Gab (holds my shoulders): Kuya, you know who’s this?

Kuya: Yes.

Gab: Hihihi! Mom is Coke girl. (chuckles teasingly)

Kuya (serious): Mom, you’re getting addicted, and you know it’s bad because of the caffeine. You should drink at least 2 glasses of water after drinking Coke.

Cess’s thought bubble: I’m a bad mom. I should stop this habit! Pero ang hirap, sarap ng Coke sa tinola!
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