Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Canon EOS M

Finally, a new camera! A Canon EOS M to replace my broken Canon G-10. It comes smaller than the G-10, but deceives point-and-shoot 'photographers' like me. I was a bit disappointed that it has no zoom function. What it has is a lens mount adapter. So, I guess, I’d be forced to learn how to choose the correct lens, mount it on this cam, and figure out camera settings eventually.

But, what I love about it is that I can, at least for now, set it on its “Scene Intelligent Auto” and all the necessary settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) will be set automatically. It has no built-in flash either. It requires an external flash to be attached. Hmm, complicated. Oh, well, I have been depending on my iPhone4 camera for the longest time. This is a chance to get a few basic photography skills. This blog hopefully will have some better photos to share, and maybe even videos. The brochure says that the “EOS M was made for movies.”

My cooperative, not-a-bit-shy daughter is ready for her photo shoots. :-)

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