Monday, May 26, 2014

The Horizon

Passing time watching the rain, cars, and planes in the horizon. Why give up this kind of life, eh? I wonder, too. I'm just waiting for the hubby to finish work.

We dropped off Garrett at church at dawn this morning. He's joining a five-day youth summer camp in Siniloan, Laguna. I'm excited for him. This is the first time he's by himself without any family for almost a week. He's the youngest in the group so I'm praying the ate's and kuya's will take care of him.

Left Gab with the yaya so I got to spend the day alone. And what did I do? I slept through most of it, really, from 7 to almost 10am and then again from 2 to 430pm! Aaahh, feels good! Pagod din pala. The body knows and will sleep given the chance to. 

It's almost a guilty pleasure, this. And this is just one of the things I will miss when I allow myself back into the folds of the reality of every worker. Trade-offs. I wouldn't feel as guilty though, but more productive and more the #whipit kind of woman I had imagined myself to be ever since. Ooops, I'd have to deal with a different kind of guilt, but, this time, I should know better. I would have to call on every skill to keep to priorities, and manage time and stress levels. Can I? Why not? It's worth a try, again. So let's do it! Get out  into the jungle again. 

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