Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seven-year itch

There's some truth to what they call as the seven-year itch that married couples go through. Seven years into the marriage, Let and I have become accustomed to each other--life's become a routine. Romance has taken a back seat as we worry more about mortgage, kids' education, college and even memorial plans, car maintenance and insurance, keeping our yaya's, etc., etc... Stress from work adds to the problem. The time we spend with each other has become less and less. Distractions are everywhere and unless we make a conscious effort to find time for each other, we'd eventually drift farther away.

Couples need to keep the sparks alive. Twelve years ago, we fell madly in love. We knew right from the start that we were headed for the real thing. I miss that feeling. It's been drowned out by everyday events--big and small--but it's still there. Definitely there!

Falling out of love is not a choice. Staying married and in love is a decision.

The wedding at St. Marc's Chapel, National Arts Center, Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna.
On our 5th wedding anniversary, Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay.


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