Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Before Summer Ends

Despite the epic heat we've experienced since last month, still, summer is my most favorite season, next to Christmas. Haha as if I experience fall, winter and spring. But, I will, some day, for sure! I heard from CNN that across Asia, temperatures have been hitting record highs, with averages around 35 degrees Celsius. Manila is not spared. The other day, the rains poured late afternoon where I was, and caused floods quickly in low areas, like where I live, in a very short space of time. Although I'm grateful for the onset of rains, I would like for summer to stretch more a bit into June. You don't? Summer is cool, umbrellas, drenched shoes, potholes and floods are so not cool! 

Have you enjoyed your summer yet? The heat has been crazy, and early rains offer a reprieve. I feel the same way. But I don't want for summer to end just yet. There are more things to do in summer for the kids especially. And this might be the first summer I get to spend all of my time with my children for the next maybe 5 or so years. 

So let's get out in the sun as much as we can, while summer is still here. Does EK still sound fun? It won't be with the rains.

To the beach, I say we go!! Happy vibes, happy summer! Happy hats, floral dresses, bermuda and boyfriend shorts, sandals and flip flops. Aaahh, summer!! 

Oh, it's just me again. Walang magawa. 🌞😃

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