Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Save on Pricey Car Fuel

I have just dropped off Garrett at school. I parked the car to write this short post before I forget the fuel efficiency tips that my 11-yr-old, wide reader son was telling me as we were driving up to Antipolo with the car A/C off.

I thought his tips were very timely with the looming rounds of fuel price hikes, owing to increased world demand particularly by snow-laden countries. The tips he shared are very practical, in fact, it takes pure common sense that they need not be said. But I was enlightened because I am one of those drivers who just know how to drive, and sadly, practically nothing else about engines and car mechanics. I'm sure you'd find these tips useful as well:
  1. Make sure the air in your tires is just right. Soft tires require more work for the engine to get them rolling.
  2. Unload items that are not needed to lighten the car weight.
  3. You really don't need to warm the car before taking off. You can just go slowly upon starting the engine to rev it up.
  4. Not using your aircon does not always help with fuel efficiency. Sometimes it's better to have your A/C on rather than your windows open because the air outside can drag the car.
  5. Avoid stepping hard on the brakes.
  6. Manual cars are more fuel-efficient.
I wish it was Garrett himself who shared the tips above as he explained them to me in simpler and clearer terms. He speaks English better than me. :-)

Incidentally, I took a passenger jeepney yesterday as a last resort on the way home from a quick trip to a hospital. I took a couple of photos to mark the moment, as I rarely take the jeepney now, unlike way back in the 80s and 90s when I was still a student. FX is now the choice of many public commuters like me because fares are just a few pesos more than jeepney fares. It was good to re-experience hunching low to get on and off the jeep, tolerate the mid-afternoon heat and the smoke, and observe co-passengers whose ages span at least six decades. Yesterday's ride serves me well as I have a photo to go with this post. :-)

Only in the Philippines: passenger jeepney

For more saving tips, you might like to check out the blog link: You will find practical, witty, funny and, sometimes, crazy tips on saving energy and the environment.

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