Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Rush

Gift wrapping courtesy of SM Department Store.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am, proudly so because I started early before the Halloween. I'm just down to the last few trips to the grocery. Yup, still a few trips as I round up the menu for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch. 

I am at this sweet spot again trying to compose an entry just so to update this blog. Well, it never fails me. These coffee and brownie always get my brain working a bit and my thumbs typing away on my phone. Thanks, Brownies Unlimited. 

It's a Tuesday, just eight days to go before Christmas, and this "supermall" is packed. Shoppers are bustling around me as I write this. The clothes at the kids department are in disarray, as are the cute notebooks/diaries at the stationery section. Such pictures of disarray are duplicated in most sections of the department store. The ambient noise is maybe thrice as loud as when I was last here, two months back. 

I am happily sipping my coffee and biting into my little red velvet in between typing these no-brainer what-nots. Pardon me. Oblige me. It's the season to be kind and tolerant, remember? 

I love that SM has free gift-wrapping services. For many years, I've been a patron especially during this time of the year. While the last batch of gifts I bought is being wrapped, I get to write a bit. Over the years, SM has been putting out more beautiful, classy wrappers that could rival Rustans' except for the latter's matching rich, satin bows. I am admittedly an SM shopper, lucky you, Henry Sy! I helped put you in the lists of the richest people.

Today, I have proven the hypothesis that Christmas makes us less of thinkers, more impulsive with our purchases. I am guilty of spending more than what is needed. I again could not resist buying clothes for my little fashionista daughter. There was this cute floral cotton skirt marked at 50% off, from the classy-but-not-pricey Peppermint brand. I couldn't resist buying the skirt as seeing it had me thinking past Christmas and onto summer!! And what a great find it was for only Php250! So I quickly processed in my mind that it was the last unplanned purchase I would make, and convinced myself that it was okay to splurge a bit because it's Christmas. And Christmas only comes upon us once a year. So there, what the heck, I had to buy a shirt that would match the skirt! I found the perfect shirt to match and bought it at a regular price. 
I read that socialites Mrs Enrile and Mrs Binay take to the grocery as therapy to drown out the political noise hounding their husbands. While I am not a socialite nor a politician's wife, nor have any problem even remotely related as regards my husband, I agree that doing the grocery is an important household chore, and spending is therapy. Now, I'm off to do the grocery. :-) 
Happy last-minute shopping. Enjoy the Christmas rush because you're sharing your blessings, and celebrating in thanksgiving. :-) 

My sweet spot at SM Supermall.
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