Friday, April 26, 2013

To quit or not

I did it! But why did they have to make me rethink my decision?

I got the sign, finally! A valid reason to justify my wanting to quit.

It was a decision made at church. I felt it had His blessing. Big sign. And curiously, unlike before, I felt no fear. I actually felt free and excited to try being a full time homemaker. I was actually looking forward to when I would just be a wife, mom, cook, tutor, driver, cleaner, gardener, etc. I would be jobless but busier! But it would be nice to be busy without missing school programs, worrying if the fever has gone down, just nodding when spoken to to get them to finish talking and being a killjoy, unable to match their jest. They see the funny side easily. I wish I could, too..

It's gonna be a drastic change if I do quit. It'll need more serious thought. But if I were to follow my heart, I would do it. It would have been easier if I were as young as my sister who has done it twice already. No consultations. We just saw it on fb one day! And after she gets restless, she'd go back to the rat race as some would call it. And she'd get absorbed again. How brave and lucky she is!

I don't hate my work. I actually like what I do, where I work. It's just this line again!! Got nothing to do, hence this haphazardly written post..

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