Friday, April 12, 2013


Some days of many years back still feel like they were just yesterday. Images of myself, my bearings, the clothes I was wearing, what I was doing and the person/s I was with appear to me, in my mind, in graphic detail. But the conversations are harder to recall. For example, I can still clearly recall the details of the first date I had with a guy 19 years ago. I can recall almost all the details down to the music being played on the bus, the food we ordered, the weather, that we bumped into my sister on the jeepney ride going home, and how my sister distanced herself from us so we would not feel awkward holding hands as we walked..

Or that eventful night when I had too much to drink so I could tell this guy how I starry night when we talked for hours, and agreed in our hearts that that moment felt right and we were headed for it, forever.

How beautiful it is to dwell in moments from the past, when present times would have you peer closely in the mirror, noticing strands of grey hair, lines around your eyes, that were not there seemingly just yesterday.

It is just this long queue I've been on for almost an hour now.. I had to entertain myself and dwell in the past..

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