Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Praying for Sunshine

I was happy with the progress I was churning out posts for this blog, until the weather became bad. I had put out nine posts for the month by August 16th. Doing my crude Math tells me that I had been posting every other two days. No matter that only a handful are reading my corny posts. My intention is to write for myself mainly. This blog is just an online journal of sorts, something tangible I, my husband and children could read and re-read to remember times past – happy, sad, important and irrelevant events and whatever that I have written about. It’s great that I could share it to anybody who cared to read me. That sure is the highest flattery for me especially given my current status – full-time mom.

I was doing good until last Monday when typhoon Maring and Habagat (southwest monsoon) disrupted the nice trend. True, it’s very petty of me to be having these thoughts when as I write tens of thousands of people struggle to keep warm and safe; many lost their homes, properties and livelihood, and there were some who even lost loved ones.

The government estimates that at least 1 million people have been directly affected across three administrative regions, and at least eight people have died as of this writing. The area where I live has been placed under a state of calamity. Classes have been suspended for the entire week.

In the face of the tragedy that Maring and Habagat brought, it was difficult to write about irrelevant stuff that would have me thinking ME-ME-ME when around my safe haven, people were plunged into difficult circumstances that I and my family have been so fortunate to have been spared from. Natural disasters affect both poor and rich. I’m not rich by any measure of being rich is. But the blessings and provisions are such that I am awed and humbled, and VERY thankful.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people that this recent calamity has affected – especially to those who have been plunged into greater poverty and would have to struggle so much more to at least get back to where they were before.

May the sun shine tomorrow.
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