Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh, crap! (Music and Me)

Warning: This is not for those who don't have spare time to read blah-blahs. At the outset, I'm saying that what follows is crap. But I'm writing crap just because. You've been forewarned, read on at your free will. Thank you. 

I pick up from where I was last in my thoughts, see previous post if you haven't, or if you care to. It's just me, ok. I don't want to think I'm imposing myself shamelessly upon you. Yes, I've my doubts about this blog. But I keep posting to it because that's just how I feel. Whatever, right? To each his own. 

I wrote about being goofy, letting loose as I walk and swing my hips during my morning walks. Depending on the music playing on my iPod watch (not sure how it's called and feeling lazy about looking it up now, crap!), I either walk dancing or walk singing, belting out songs in the likes of I Miss You Like Crazy. Of course, you know that song. If you've reached this far reading, you must be an 80s teenybopper. Or if you used to watch Ate Luds in Eye to Eye, you'd also know that that was the song playing while Alma Moreno was being interviewed when Dolphy suddenly left her for Zsa Zsa. And I think it became Alma's song from then on. 

So yes not only do I walk like no one is watching, I also sing my heart out because I know for sure no one is listening. It feels so good to just be the way you feel like being. My repertoire spans many decades and genres, whatever's been saved on the iPod by the hubby who is the one into music. I am not. I've figured that the only time I really enjoy listening to music is when I'm walking. I don't usually like driving with music playing. I can't sleep with the music on. I also don't like cleaning the house or doing anything with music in the background because I find it hard to focus on the task at hand. I enjoy music purposively or when what I want to do is just listen to it, nothing else, except when I take morning walks or hit the treadmill. 

In a related post, I said that I've never moved on from the 80's and 90's music. But more than me, the hubby's music interest dates further down to 60's-70's to include Shirley Bassey and her contemporaries. So what I mostly listen to are songs from these decades. To name a few of my new 'old' favorites, I like Carly Simon's Nobody Does it Better and You're So Vain; Carole King's So Far Away; and James Taylor's Shower the People.

But, the mushy, crazy me just likes to sing my heart out, as if I had more than 1 other boyfriend aside from the  one that became my better half. The melody and lyrics of this song are unforgettable. Everybody, now:

I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy, 
ever since you went away, every hour of every day.
I miss you like crazy, I miss you, baby.
Love like ours will never end, just touch me and we're there again. 

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