Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Acing Math

Somebody was beaming when I fetched him yesterday. He spilled the reason the instance that he was close enough to me, shy that he might be sounding like bragging if overheard, or maybe shy he couldn't contain his joy. Being a mom entitles me to some bragging rights. Hee-hee, just overjoyed myself I want to share some good vibes. With feet on the ground but with spirits high, allow me to shout out that Kuya got a perfect score in his Math midterm exam. Wow! This is a milestone for it is after all a seventh grade Math (Algebra) exam. And I am amazed because I never could ace Algebra, or any Math for that matter. I think Kumon Math is a big help for Kuya because he's used to everyday drills and his Kumon level is advanced than his current grade school level. During sixth grade, he was consistently exempted from taking final trimester exams in Math and that meant more review time for other subjects like Sibika. :-) 
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