Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Baby in My Arms, Once More

It's day 3 without Garrett and Gabee. The two I'm sure are having a grand time in Bulacan with their cousins.
My me-time has been short-lived since my nieces, Kirsten and Bash, are staying in the house for a few days to keep me company. So I went about the day not only with my usual cleaning-the-yard and feeding-the-dogs chores, but with Kirsten to take care of while her mom took off to the parlor. Nanay is here as well so we take turns keeping the baby entertained and fed with water and formula. She's been breastfed since birth. Her mom has again tried another formula so she can leave the baby more often and not have to come running home the minute she gets texted that Kirsten is crying!
Kirsten is asleep in my arms right now as I type up this entry on Timeline Day One (an app the hubby has introduced me to). With Timeline Day One I can document my day with a photo or a narrative, my inconsequential blah-blahs. Who knows what value I would find in these blah-blahs years later when I'm old like Francesca in Bridges of Madison County? Some thinking I have going. Stop reading if you can't take it, haha! 
I can publish an entry on Timeline Day One straight away via Facebook. But I'd rather post narratives on my inconsequential mommy blog. I've been finding more time and motivation to write. I know to some it's a waste of time. But then I have plenty of that these days, especially this summer, I have no children to drive for, remind about school work, and help study for exams.
May is already coming up! How time flies! I used to carry Gabee in my arms like this. Now, she's off without her mama.

Erratum: Ooopsie, the app I mentioned is not Timeline but DayOne. Sorry. I've edited the post. :)

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