Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Gabee

Dear Gabee,

How are you? I am sure you are enjoying your short vacation with Lolo and Lola in Bulacan. Please don’t think about Mom when night falls. I am just here at home. I’m not going anywhere far without you. Remember you had me promise that I should not leave you to go to Viet Nam again? Why, you remember the time Dad and I went away so well. I think it’s because of the Vietnamese costume we gave you as pasalubong. You loved it so, didn’t you? You had requested to wear it to school several times, but I only gave in once. I know, my “kuching”, Mom is such a kill-joy. You can ask Kuya what that means.

You had me worried last night seeing you on FaceTime cry so hard, begging me to fetch you. I wanted to, Gab, to do as you wished because I also miss you. But I doubt whether you really wanted to come home already while Kuya is still there having fun with your cousins. I think you just miss Mom as much as Mom misses you. But, I am not crying. You know why? Because I know you’re fine and having a good time, and making Lolo and Lola happy just by you being there. I know Tita looks forward to going home from work because the house is happier and a lot noisier with you, your Kuya, and your cousins there. Hug and kiss them a lot, Gab.

Oh, I saw your diary! Lola and Tita posted on Instagram what you wrote. You told Diary that you hurt your knee on Day 1, and that you got annoyed with Kuya who wouldn’t stop dancing “Just Dance” on Day 2, and that you dream of becoming a dancer. How about today, Day 3? Tell me what happened. Write every day, and put those pieces of paper in your bag. I know you’re very careful with your stuff, and that’s a very good thing, too. All the stuff that you packed, make sure you bring them home again, together with your Dear-Diary notes, ok?

Tita also posted photos of you eating balut and chips. Balut is nutritious. Chips (or tsitsirya as you call it), you know, are bad, but having them sometimes is okay. Did you thank Tita? Always say thank you, ok?

I went to see your Ninang Anna today. She gave me your early birthday gift. You will love it!

I love you, Gabee. See you soon. Take care not to hurt yourself. I know small wounds do not worry you because you're such a brave girl.

Say hello to Lolo and Lola for me. And hug Kuya for me.

I am excited to hear all your kwento when I see you.

Love much, 

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