Saturday, April 26, 2014

What’s your favorite new word? Sunnies? Besties? Or Selfies?

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In this era of sunnies, healthy eats, good reads, birthday greets, came besties and then selfies. Selfie was among the buzzwords in 2012, and last year, it was announced as the “word” of the year. You call these words urban or slang lingo. 

Language evolves with time, even the rules of grammar and style get shaken to allow more freedom of expression. Blogging platforms (like Wordpress, Tumbler, Blogger, Twitter), which allow just about anyone with access to a computer and internet to write and publish, have paved the way for unrestricted use of language. 

Now, a sentence does not have to always have a subject and a predicate, regardless whether it is of the exclamatory type that can go by one word and an exclamation point (example: Gosh!), or one that commands an action, as in “Go.” The important thing is that readers “dig” you. I see more and more adjectives being used singly and ended with a period: Perfect. Beautiful. Surreal. Damned. 

“Haha” and “hehe,” are now incorporated in sentences. They used to look out of place and wrong, but because they’ve pervaded blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, they’ve been accepted as part of today’s lingo. Haha’s and hehe’s imply the writer’s mood, but they are not always equivalent to your typical, pleasant smiley. They sometimes convey that the writer is being condescending, irate, or vengeful. "Hehe" is more neutral or should I say more leaning to good vibes, denoting laughter and a happy mood in general. At times, "hehe," when used to respond to positive comments or praises on Facebook, hints of shyness or is an attempt at humility. 

So how do I end this blah-blah? GTG (short for got to go).

But before I go, I’d like to share with you the meanings of some of the words mentioned above. These are from Urban Dictionary:

A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website. You can usually see the person's arm holding out the camera... A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not towards the camera.

An adoring nickname for one you hold in highest esteem, more commonly known as a best friend. A bestie is the person who you not only go shopping with on a regular basis but also trust implicitly with anything.

Another term for "sunglasses".
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