Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Gives Me Pleasure

Aha! I might just have had you thinking that *thing.* Sorry to disappoint, I’m not comfortable discussing that. I just don’t send off that kind of vibe. But let it be said that I do indulge in that, and it pleasures me. Enough said. J

It feels weird at times to think that the manic worker that I was easily settled into a laidback domesticated life. Before, good ratings from the bosses propel me to cloud nine. A hefty pay increase delighted me. I would open my self-service account on Oracle to simulate how much separation or pension pay I would be getting. And then I would dream of a nice retirement house, of traveling to Europe and going on cruises.

Now, that has changed. The dream to travel and to own a nice retirement house remains. I miss getting paid every 15th and 30th of the month, yes. But, now, the weird pleasure I get is from knowing the floor is mopped, window sills are wiped, the dogs’ poop is swept, ceiling fans are dusted, and all the countertops are shining bright. Oh, and I also obsess over cleaning the many light switches at home. In the evening, it calms me to see that the house is in order, the throw pillows are in their place, the toys and books are back in their storage boxes and shelves, the curtains are let loose, and the doors are locked. These were the things I simply glossed over before when my mind was occupied with work, or my back ached from incorrect posture working on the computer and making calls, feet beaten by ill-fitting shoes that went nicely with office frocks, and the long queue to get a ride home.

The morning walks which have become routine for me are not as much fun as when I first took to walking. The trails have become too familiar. Now, each morning, I think twice whether or not to take a walk. But knowing it’s good for me, how it has strengthened my immune system, I resolve to do it. And I love the feeling each time I cover a 30-minute route and easily gulp down a bottle of water, sweating. These walks give me pleasure. They humble me and remind me to commune with nature and pray.

The ceiling decor at Mary Grace in SM Aura is one of those simple things that delight my senses.

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