Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hello, Summer!

We went back to the Malarayat Suites in Lipa, Batangas last weekend and had more fun than when we were there just last January (see related post here). First off, we were upgraded to deluxe room! I checked and it was double the price of the superior room we had booked. I wondered if by chance the hotel's administration or marketing office saw the blog post I had written on our last stay, and rewarded my family for promoting their hotel. Haha, wishful thinking, I know! So now I write a follow-up to thank our favorite out-of-town, go-to getaway hotel.

Deluxe Room in Yakal Suites

Getting ready for the hot summer months, it was a perfect getaway. The sun was up and the drive over SLEX was still breezy on that Saturday. Only a few weeks from now, traffic would surely congest the roads to the south as people start to flock to resorts. We grabbed lunch along SLEX and reached the hotel just right in time for the 2pm check-in. We intended to maximize the stay. My kids rested a bit before hitting the pool. The last time we were there, the temperature was 21 degrees Celsius, daytime. Notwithstanding the chill, the kids attempted to take a dip, only to come out just minutes after. My daughter didn't even get to wet her hair. The water was too cold even at 11am and with the sun up. They settled for the playground instead.

Our recent stay was more relaxed. The kids got to enjoy the pool in the afternoon after checking in and then again for a couple of hours the next morning. The water was cold but the wind was not as chilly as it was back in January. They super enjoyed swimming with the new friends they made. My husband got enticed to jump into the pool as well to teach my daughter (Gabee) to swim and to show my son (Garrett) the right form in preparing to dive in. Gabee did learn to swim! And, of course, we were so happy!

As always, we couldn’t get enough pictures. The place is pretty especially with good lighting from the sun. The experience elicits natural smiles that come from happiness, and which not only curl the lips but make the eyes aglow. Bonding with the family can happen at any place, at any time, but I’d say the memorable bonding moments are made when there’s an effort to get out of things and places routine. It happens more at places like this when we shut off work and pay full attention to family.

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