Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweetest Girl

“I believe in pink…I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls...” – Audrey Hepburn

A. Gabrielle completed the family when she arrived promptly on the date that she was expected, June 24, 2008. We fondly call her Gabee. Since her much awaited arrival, she has added a new kind of joy and spunk to our family. With her in the house, in the car, and everywhere, life has never been the same. What we (Let, Garrett and I) lacked in humor, guts, openness, stage confidence and presence, she seems to have been blessed with aplenty. How I would have loved to have grown up with Gabee’s personality. That would have saved me jitters each time I had to take the stage or stand in front of the class from kindergarten all the way to graduate school. Curiously, I would rather that Gabee be my foil character, my opposite. And she is turning out to be that, albeit in a nice way.

In the nursery, shortly after her birth, her eyebrows neatly framed her eyes. Contorted in a distinct way, they hinted of the personality of this baby.

She was an adorable, happy baby.

At 1 year-old, her cheerful self started to show and get noticed. She was a charmer, friendly with everyone she meets.

But she was definitely already a character to contend with, a fierce one.

When she turned 2, it became evident that this girl loves to perform, and easily warms to attention and praises. She would happily do as told when asked to sing or dance.

She is a jolly little girl.

At 3, Gabee learned to sing Adele’s hits – Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep. She would take center stage and sing with her heart, gesticulating with her hands, and projecting as Jessica Sanchez (whom she got to follow on American Idol) would – as if she knew the song. Notwithstanding that she would only lip-sync most part of the song as she could not as yet memorize the lyrics or even pronounce most of the words, she was a little performer.

At 4, we could see that Gabee had a style all her own. The gifts she loved most were dresses, accessories, and, much to her dad’s disapproval, make-up. It was so easy to get her to smile. Give her a dress, and she’d want to put it on at once.

She was merely 2 here, trying on shoes and clothes from out of the balikbayan box.

This pink dress was a gift from Tita Irish and Tita Marife (my friends from work), who came to her 4th birthday party. Irish said Gabee was so happy to receive the gift. She wore the dress to a Christmas party, and paired it with a pink mask! She wants to stand out. :)

Gabee is definitely not camera-shy. She loves to strike a pose.

Gabee’s appreciativeness and sweetness overwhelm me sometimes. She would jump in joy and thank me profusely with kisses and hugs whenever I would come home from the grocery and I had diapers, shampoo, and other regular grocery items for her.

In bed, she prefers that she sleeps beside me. When she was around 2, she would wrap both her arms around me, with her hands clasped behind my neck. I was honestly not prepared for such an intense kind of affection. Gabee is far from mediocre. She is passionate.

One of this girl’s passions (aside from singing) is drawing. Her drawings show her love for her family, and girly stuff, and pets, too. Lately, I have observed that Gabee can sit for more than an hour just drawing, scribbling, and colouring.

My little girl is now 5. She can get on the nerves of her brother because she tends to act like she is the mommy or the nanny.

Gabrielle is, to me, the sweetest girl. I am so blessed that she is my daughter.

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