Thursday, July 11, 2013

A new chapter

I'm back into the folds of life as it is for many. The reality that I am out of job, after almost 18 years of uninterrupted employ, sank in while I was on a bus on a work day at 2pm. I was on my way home, after getting my exit (leave) clearance sheet signed.

My past routine consisted of 6am-ish commute to office, 8-12 hours office work, commute back home between 5 and 7pm, and most weekends spent at home to de-stress. I loved Fridays and did not look forward to Mondays. This routine was my reality for 7.5 years. I have learned much from the experience of working in a multinational organization. I met and worked with people from different cultures, and made a number of friends and a few close ones with whom I intend to keep in touch. My take-aways, to name a few, are resilience to strive to be better in your job; the perspective that all kinds of work (no matter how menial and routine they seem) contribute to a mission; knowing my worth and what I am capable of; and the friendships I have gained. In addition, juggling tasks and knowing one’s way through the maze were essential skills to thrive.

My current reality is a complete breakaway from the previous one, but one that I am settling into, surprisingly, quite well. I have shifted to a new career where the pay is pure love. Colleagues at work gifted me with a framed photo of myself with my kids. At the bottom of the photo appears this quote by Vermont: "Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs...since the payment is pure love."

I now have the luxury of time when both my children are at school. I want to write to keep myself (or rather my brain) occupied somehow. Before, I would say that it was hard to develop a hobby as what time I had left I just wanted to use (or rather not use) to stare blankly into space, to relax my mind and body. Now, there’s a regular window of time and space when and where I could be productive on my own terms, do what I want, read and write some.

Writing would mean keeping a journal of milestones and personal musings about anything and everything that interest me. And what motivates me to write is that I could share my thoughts through this blog. I might not ever fall into the category of professional bloggers because my posts revolve around my little world, self-centered by nature. But this channel has always given me some motivation and sense of satisfaction to put my thoughts into writing and share a piece of me to the world, to reach out somehow.

I would attempt to have this blog evolve from one that is so Cess-centered to one that is more topic-oriented. There’s only my limited experience to call upon as I dare put out some personal reviews and recommendations about stuff. To start, I would like to contribute to the online pool of personal experiences/stories of families raising children with ADHD. I have not done so yet as I need to first dive into tons of information available, and get a handle on the subject.

You may have noticed that there are tabs at the top of this blog, but if you go into them, you will find that there’s nothing there yet. I will try and build their contents in the days and months ahead.

For the meantime, I am happily trying my hands at cooking and gardening, aside from taking care of my family. In the process, I surprise even myself.

As I slowly immerse in this new chapter of my life, I vow to put in half an hour of workout each day, as this SAHM (stay-at-home mom) chapter also affords me a lot of time to think “food.”

I am having the time of my life! I hope my happiness rubs off on everyone around me.

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