Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Break time with besties

It has been three weeks since I entered the stay-at-home-mom chapter of my life. No regrets so far. It’s still too early for selfie moments to mull over whether temporarily quitting a fulltime job was a right move. But, yes, I suppose it is. I am enjoying my new routine. I have been a blissful mom so far. The past weeks have been busy weeks settling into a new daily routine, and getting some long-delayed chores and errands done. Improving this blog and putting up more posts, and updating old posts with photos have also kept me occupied.

Last week, I went out for lunch with two of my girlfriends. It was a welcome break to see old friends and catch up on what was happening at work and how our kids were. It was a fun lunch filled with laughter and chatter.  Too bad we didn’t think of taking a photo. But, I do have some photos taken during our Thursday lunches. I miss these two beautiful, smart, two-of-a-kind women.

Today, I got another chance to escape the house and meet up with another bestie for lunch. We planned on eating at Café Breton at the Podium, Ortigas, but had to transfer at the last minute to Mary Grace. Café Breton has been a personal favorite because of its cozy ambiance and their very delicious crepes and sandwiches. Mary Grace is a new find. Not sure when they opened a branch at Podium. Although the tables are outside, it still has its distinct country look and feel. It is a favorite of my dear friend Anna May.

Notes from customers are displayed on the tables.

There is such thing as a free lunch. Thanks to Anna May! Love the short hair, Anns! :-)

We had pasta and their famous ensaymada.

Pasta Vongole

Lunch was delicious though a bit heavy.

What made lunch enjoyable was the company and the stories shared.
 It is heartwarming to be with someone apart from family, who you know truly cares, has your best interests at heart, will laugh and cry with you, hear you out, endure listening to your angsts and rants, and not hold judgments. Persons who will cover your back, pray for you, and stick it out with you. They are your best friends, your besties. They are blessings from God.


I feel the need to share photos of other friends who have, in more ways than one, really pervaded my life, touched my heart, and shared my milestones through the years.  Sorry for the ones in the US who are missing in these photos, but you know how much of besties you are as well to me. :-)

College besties - Sha-Sha and Mil-Mil.

With Tin-Tin and Mil-Mil, super sisters from UP AEMS. Photo taken at Mary Grace, Greenbelt, Dec 2012.

With my sisters. We shared the most fun times over beer. :-)

Celebrating my 36th, cake courtesy of the ladies with me. :-)

Christmas photo with friends.

Sisses in UP AEMS, 1996.

Friends from high school - Lally, Amy and Leah; missing are Ghi, Free, Queenie and Fe.
Photo taken at Cafe Breton, Podium, Dec 2012.

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