Friday, October 18, 2013

Back to Teenage Clothes at My Age!

The first thing I did when I stopped working was to declutter my half of the closet (I share with my husband who complains that my stuff spills over the partition). I took out the clothes I could only wear to work – slacks and skirts, long-sleeved polo shirts (think preppy-conservative), non-cotton blouses, etc. I only kept some “semi-casual” (interchangeably called “semi-formal” here) pieces that I could wear to church, and tops that could be worn with jeans and shorts.

As for bags, since I don’t have many, I have kept them all, but seldom get to use all. The five decent pieces I have are in black, cream, and red, so it ‘s not like I pair my bags with the colors of my outfits. It’s a hassle to pour out contents of a bag and organize them again into another. The one that serves me best is a red Longchamp Le Piliage tote bag.

It’s a different story with my shoes. I had to bring home at least 10 pairs of old and fairly new shoes which I kept in the office. I used to keep them in the bottom layer of a lateral cabinet at the workstation I was posted. The leather ones stayed best there because of the controlled office temperature. Now, my problem is that there is no way I can integrate high heels into my current routine. I also don’t have occasions I can wear them to. So it’s quite a pity that they’re slowly disintegrating in the shoe cabinet.
So what’s my daily get-up like? It’s easy to just get too comfy in ratty shirts and shorts as I go about the routine of a stay-at-home mom. Well, I am not literally in the house all day, I go out everyday at least four times to bring my two kids to school, and fetch them. Aside from my kids’ schools – where I get seen by other parents, teachers, and my kids’ classmates – I also go to the bank, grocery, SSS, and PhilHealth. So there’s still some reason to dress well because I am not in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (Humanities 1 reading back in college :-)). I can’t just get out looking unkempt and, pardon the word, “losyang.”

True, it is so easy to put on weight when food and coffee are just a few feet away all the time. Cooking as a chore does not burn calories. You cook delicious meals, lay them out on the table, eat your portion, and then eat some more when your kids have leftovers. Cooking adds to the weight check burden. Rants, rants… I know I have absolutely no right to complain. So I’m gonna take that back and say that cooking is the chore I like doing best. I’m lucky I don’t have to clean up after. Simple joys of having a “kasambahay” must be taken to heart. I could not imagine doing everything by myself, I’d be sick!

Let me go back to my question: what’s a typical wear for me these days? Below is my kind of get-up. Tee-hee!

My husband does not approve of such a combination of apparels for a 38-year-old wife and mother. But in the same way that I defy his order to dress my age, not wear colors like pink, as I have shared in a previous post, “Age Check,” I am unfazed by his criticisms. I am happy wearing shorts with bling-bling, a belt, a shirt, and flats in the same color as the belt. Stubborn wife! He loves me just the same anyway because he simply has no choice, or does he? J

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