Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Birthday Wish

Today, Garrett turned 11. Lucky it was a holiday yesterday as we got to celebrate his birthday with family and a few of his classmates in advance. He never really asks for gifts ever since. This year, he only wished that he could invite over a few classmates and watch movies with them, and that I cook lunch. Wish granted. They watched the horror film Conjuring, covering their eyes and ears most of the time. It would have been scarier had they seen it at night.

Around five years ago, when he was six, Garrett started showing ‘great’ dislike every time he was given shirts or any clothing. He did not appreciate them and would cry, disappointed. All he wanted was books. And so, since then, his aunts, other relatives, and friends would gift him with books, and rarely anything else. 

Garrett is a simple child, he doesn’t ask a lot of material things. He wants to wear the same pieces of simple shirts and shorts over and over. I know he likes shoes, but he doesn’t demand that we buy him what he wants. He has been checking out Skechers and Sanuk, I know he likes to have his own. When he has shopping money, he ends up looking around and not buying.

It is so easy to make Garrett happy. Think books. 

This one is a no-miss kind of gift.

He also loves Origami, so Origami paper (a perfect square), which is not readily available in local bookstores, would be a wonderful gift for this little man.

He made Origami figures to give to his guests, but forgot to hand away these two.

It his birthday today. We haven’t given him anything yet. His dad feels a little guilty, and is planning to buy him what else, but books! J

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