Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Choosing Happiness

Today was one of those days when I think I could fill a page writing about how it went from good to bad to good to bad to good. I left the house at 530am, logged in at work at 640ish, not bad for the state of traffic along Ortigas extension, I tell you. I spent around 6 minutes to put on my favorite Happy Skin foundation, nude lippie and mascara; gathered my hair into a pony tail, and by 730, I had started the day and was having my second cup of coffee while responding to emails from last night  Great start.

Lunch of three-fourths cup rice, pork sisig, pakbet, and maja blanca started me off on a good afternoon. I was back at my desk by 1230, finished a draft input over a 30-minute unused lunch break. An hour later, I got an email saying that there was no need for that draft. Ok, fine. I quickly moved on. On a busy day, it's normal to get busier by the hour until you hardly notice it's 5pm because the A/C has been shut off, then it's 6pm and past cob (close of business). I pulled myself away from my PC to call Garrett before he surrenders his phone for the 7-930pm study period for dormers. 

I asked my usual question. "How are you?" I was worried his sore throat had gotten worse, I asked again rephrasing my first question, "How are you feeling?" Garrett replied, "Hi, Mom! I feel great!" Then he went on to report about today's activities and scores he got in quizzes. He said he got 30/35 in an English quiz. We ended the call after 7 minutes with many reminders like not forgetting to brush his teeth, to which he would always just say, "Yes, Mom, I do." Or "Yes, Mom, I will." It's a good measure of comfort to me talking to him and being told he is not only okay, he's feeling great! Love that. He says it's hard to study at PSHS, yet he feels great! Eh 'di wow! Hihi!

So that call wrapped up my day at work on a happy mood. I knew the line at the fx terminal was getting longer by the minute. But I felt good. In fact, I didn't have to take a paracetamol today for migraine. 😊

Until I got on the fx, a Mitsubishi Adventure. By the order of the line, I hopped on in the middle seat, flanked by two big men. B1, on my left, was easily twice my weight. And B2, on my right, had to close the door lifting his weight from the seat such that when the door closed, he had to squeeze himself in the little space left between me and the door. I had my arms straight out in front of me and my body was leaning to the right into the void that B2 could not fill. B2 had pointy hip bones, I wanted to advance instead to avoid contact, but I was squeezed, I didn't dare move an inch. B1 seemed so A-ok, I'd credit him for not making unnecessary movements. I liked B1 better though he was bigger. B2, aside from his pointy hips, was sweaty, smelling like his shirt was not properly dried. Not only that, he had earphones on and was singing lyrics from his phone screen. Agh. 

Thank heavens, he got off midway to the end of my ride! I was happy again. 

I got home to this girl. And I thought and felt ashamed of the nerve I had to complain. I am too blessed to be stressed. The daily grind is my choice anyway. Just saying because this blog has been so quiet for so long... 

Happy mid-week. Weekend is upcoming. My favorite day is Friday because it's my weekly reunion with my son. 😊

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