Thursday, October 08, 2009


*First shared via friendster blogs 31 July 2005.

I don’t make an outline of things I write about. I write as I think. I write when I’ve an urge to do so—a need to put an order to the cluttered thoughts in my head. So now I’m at it again. Now, let’s see where this urge takes me. It’s past 10 p.m. now; I had only five hours of sleep yesterday, but my mind won’t give me rest. God, I’ve been like this the past days since I’ve learned I passed ‘this’ exam, which I’m still not at a liberty to talk about.

Four sisters, aged 38, 36, almost 30, and 21. Arlene, Jenia, Princess, and Diana, respectively. With my name in the sequence, you darn well know, of course, what blah I’m talking about. Yep, us: me and my siblings. And yes, you noticed right, we’re all girls.

Have us stand side by side, and those who don’t know us might have no inkling that we’re related. Because, unlike many siblings, our physical similarities are not striking. Our hair types represent a spectrum, from kulot, buhaghag, unat to wavy. We’re also pretty different in built. Butt and front sizes also differ. Hehehe! I should stop blabbering… Attitudes, yes, in that aspect, too—we’re our own person… It would be interesting to ask my mother how she sees each of us.

So who’s the most good looking? In reference to us, that indeed is a very subjective question, which brings me to cite the all-too-familiar adage: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True. Answers to this question have been very variable among relatives, neighbors, and friends. But then the implicit assumption is that none of us four is unsightly (for lack of a better term, pangit, if you will). And that to me is enough (I’m the darkest kasi, dehado na kagad.).

But ask: who’s the most generous? It’s Ate Arlene. The most thoughtful? Ate Arlene. The social butterfly? She’s the only one among us: Ate Arlene. The best dressed? She again. Most kikay? Of course, she. Wittiest? She. Most loved by people? Must be her.

Proof of these is her very long list of friends, acquaintances, kumares, kumpares, and of course, inaanaks. She’s a natural. People are drawn to her charm. Is she charming? She sure must be for how else has she befriended so many?

Whom did she take after? The luckiest of us four, she took after our mother’s openness and optimism—two elements that easily win friends…

So you think she’s my idol? I don’t know. We’re quite opposite. But I’m truly proud to be related to her by blood. And all these praises come with a purpose. Oh no! I didn’t just give them out for no reason. Hehehe!!! It’s her birthday come 12 midnight (it’s now 11:25 pm). Tomorrow’s August first. It’s Ate’s birthday.

But, well, she is ONE of a kind!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ATE!!! We love u!!!

If this haphazardly composed ‘post’ makes someone happy, then I’m thankful for the URGE that got me started typing furiously away on my laptop this late…

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