Thursday, October 08, 2009


*Originally posted in July 2005 via an old blog.

Oh, no! Here goes the country again. It’s once again caught in a situation where the powers-that-be couldn’t help but show their true colors. It makes me puke hearing some of our high officials call for PGMA’s resignation. Supreme sacrifice on the part of GMA they say? What of them? They all should be sacrificed to whatever gods would take them so that we could start anew.

I believe that unless we endeavor to wipe out the current political system altogether including those in it (not only PGMA for that matter), we won’t ever have a batting chance of being reformed as a nation. You see, it’s in the very recesses of our system where lie dishonesty, corruption, moral degeneration and all you could think of that characterize traditional Philippine politics.

Sadly, it is in this time of crisis that many wish they were somewhere else but in their homeland. Too bad for the Philippines. But could you blame people who want to leave? Not that they don’t love their country. It’s just that maybe they couldn’t stomach what’s happening to our political system anymore. And since they don’t have powers to change things, living amidst this chaos just becomes more and more frustrating each day.

With the economy receiving the most severe blows owing to this political hullabaloo, we couldn’t prevent our countrymen from seeking for a peaceful and an economically stable place far away from home. I, who (unlike many) prefer to live here (because I love it here despite of the “kahirapan ng buhay”), am now kind of entertaining thoughts of migrating to another country, say, Canada. Could you blame me?

I love my country, mind you! I joined EDSA 2, took to the streets, shouted with all my might the demonstrators’ chant, “Patalsikin si Erap, sobra nang pahirap,” hoping that I could be of help somehow, a voice in the chorus to make the people’s pleas ring louder: curb corruption, at least alleviate poverty (I am reasonable enough to believe that eradicating it would remain wishful thinking in this generation.), and see some good governance really shape up the bureaucracy.

Now, I have lost interest. Who would replace the incumbent? Trapo, you suggest, as in traditional politicians in the likes of Pimentel? Well, haven’t we realized by now that traditional politics is hopeless?! I’d rather stick it out with Gloria. She might have cheated alright, but, who did not? They’re all the same, all wear just one color… Look deeper and you’d find that they’re of one skin, one mind, one goal… I am totally irked, frustrated, mad!!!

Well, still, I pay my taxes… I abide by the law… You couldn’t ask for more, could you? Nah, don’t ask me to join the rallies. I’m not interested anymore. Am tired of rallies which just make our economy sink further...

But, hey, I don’t wish for my personal feelings/thoughts to rub off on you. I don’t want you to be disinterested. It’s important that you frame your own stand and plan your own action. Yes, it still counts; you still count as a citizen. You owe it to the country to do your part in pulling her out of the mess she’s in.

Don’t leave her in this state. I’m just going through a phase. I love her, the Philippines, I mean. Maybe, I am just disgusted with how things are now that I choose not to be involved. Well, just for now… Maybe because I have yet to hear a truly viable solution, one that’s aimed pointedly at effecting true changes in the system, the core of which should be the unseating and non-election of traditional politicians.

Who knows? If I get to talk to (or hear more of) Prof. Randy David, I’m sure I’d turn 360 degrees from my present state of indifference and “bahala na” attitude.
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