Friday, November 29, 2013

My Pride and Joy

If you’re a mom like me, I’d bet you, too, are a stage mom. You’re not? Really? Well, you must have your reasons. I am admittedly sucked into that role, and can’t help share photos, videos, art and literary works, and awards of my own children. “Share” is a nice way of putting it. “Show off” might be the naked truth, but that’s instinctive. Aren’t we all show-offs? Some in loud ways, others in quiet, discrete ways. Well, let's be kind to moms. It’s hard to carry a child for nine months, harder to give birth, and hardest to raise a child. The hardships are rewarded by the adoration and love we get from our children, and are made more worthwhile by their little and big achievements. We find great delight when our children excel in school. But achievements are not only measured by merits from the school, but through many ways where they show their interests, abilities, confidence, and positive behaviors, in and out of a structured school setting.

Isn’t it 'instinct' that we become our children’s number one fan (and critique)? With social media on our side (plus the luxury of time in my case), we itch to share new photos of our children, their works/creations, stories about how they are growing up, their school activities, trips to this and that place. They grow up too fast, and soon I know I would not have much of a presence in my children's lives, and would be restricted to viewing their own Facebook accounts, blogs, etc. 

If we are friends on Facebook, you might have gotten sick of my many posts about my kids already. As I’ve indicated in one FB status/shout-out, you can always 'unfriend' me. Haha, no kidding. Like it or not, I am a mother, and my life revolves around my children. You would seldom see my own selfies or group photos with me in them, but you would be swamped by photos and (sometimes) videos such as the one below, which is of  my daughter. She recited the poem The Handwriting on the Wall (author unknown), during a poetry recitation at school. Among the 20 pupils in her preparatory class, she was the first to recite the lengthy poem. I am not sure if she volunteered to take the first slot. She, by the way, is the youngest in her class, having just turned five last June. I would like to think that her teachers trusted that she could set the confidence level. She was confident, and I was so proud of her. Her performance wasn't the best of all, but it was her best. Credits are due to the teachers for honing her confidence through their approval and encouragement, and providing venues where she and her classmates could shine and be applauded for a job well done.

Oh, yes, of course, this is not the first time I am sharing this. I have shared this to my Facebook friends right after the activity, as soon as I got my hands on a computer. Really, half of the thrill is in sharing it with family, relatives and friends who’d take the time to download and play the video, and enjoy watching this girl.

Ooopsie, the video is taking a while to upload. You may view it through the Facebook link in the paragraph just above. Thanks for your time. 

Spreading good vibes into the weekend. Happy Bonifacio Day, folks in the Philippines! :-)  

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